Urban Scapes Middle East Summit

In partnership with
Organized by


Dr Nihal Al Sabbagh


Founder & Design Director of Environas and Assistant Professor


The British University in Egypt


Dr Nihal Al Sabbagh is an environmental expert who has been teaching and practicing architecture and urban design for over 15 years in a number of institutions and consultancies in both Cairo and in Dubai. She holds a Ph.D. from the AA School of Architecture in London, a M.Sc. in Sustainable Design of the Built Environment. Her environmental global acts started in 2012 to spread awareness about the carbon footprint through the Sustainable Summer School at the British University in Dubai. In 2021 she founded the Design lab ENVIRONAS that aims to improve the Environmental impact through research-based designs. Dr. Nihal’s publications focus on urban environmental assessments, thermal comfort to improve walkability and passive cooling for the outdoor environment.

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