Urban Scapes Middle East Summit

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Dr. Samar Abdo M. Alghalebi


Dr. Samar Abdo M. Alghalebi


Energy Expert and Sustainability Advocate 




Dr. Samar Abdo M. Alghalebi is a highly esteemed Energy expert and sustainability advocate, operating out of Dubai, UAE. Her extensive expertise proves invaluable in assisting corporations in their sustainability transitions and ecosystem shifts. Dr. Alghalebi’s proficiency lies in providing precise assessments and strategic techniques, particularly within heavy industries.
With an illustrious educational background and a plethora of professional certifications, including a Certificate in Energy Management from the Institute of Energy Economic Japan (IEEJ), ISO50001 Energy Management System Consultant, Certified Energy Trainer (CEM), Certificate in Solar Energy and Electric, and PMP Certification, Dr. Alghalebi stands as a beacon of knowledge in her field. Moreover, her accreditation as a Certified Trainer (CPT) underscores her unwavering dedication to fostering education and training in sustainable methodologies. Dr. Alghalebi’s mission centers on advocating for energy efficiency and sustainability, utilizing her vast experience to instigate meaningful transformations within the realms of energy and waste management.
Dr. Samar Abdo M. Alghalebi is a seasoned expert in energy and waste management, with over a decade of experience in driving sustainable initiatives and fostering commercial growth in the GCC region. With a profound understanding of the circular carbon economy, Dr. Alghalebi has made significant strides in promoting sustainability and green infrastructure projects. Her career has been marked by her ability to develop strategic partnerships, enhance revenue streams, and deliver outstanding results for clients.

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