Urban Scapes Middle East Summit

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Emil Korsbrekke - Chief Executive Officer at Hydrofence speaks at Urbanscapes Middle East Summit


Emil Korsbrekke


Chief Executive Officer




Emil Korsbrekke is an experienced leader in infrastructure development, currently serving as the managing director of Hydrofence AS and EM Prosjekt AS. With a strong background as a project manager and engineer specializing in floodprotection, water, sewage, pumping stations, tunnells,  stormwater, aquaculture and road systems. Emil has a passion for crafting efficient and sustainable solutions.

Over the years, Emil has acquired extensive expertise in project management, operations management, infrastructure system design, and construction management. His focus on integrating innovative methods into the planning and execution of infrastructure projects has contributed to successful outcomes and groundbreaking solutions.

Emil’s particular interest in infrastructure that lies beneath the surface, combined with his dedication to enhancing infrastructure, propels him to consistently seek optimal functionality and sustainability in all projects he engages with.

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