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TANI YOUCEFI ABDELAAZIZ senior project manager with over 18 years of experience in managing complex IT and telecom projects. Adept at handling diverse roles across organizational hierarchies, I excel in leveraging my expertise to drive individual and organizational growth. My proficiency includes managing passive infrastructure equipment like Towers, Shelters, DG, Power plants, Battery Banks, Air conditioners, and Power Interface units, with a strong focus on optimizing energy costs and implementing energy-saving projects.

As a visionary executive and thought leader, I possess exceptional communication skills, analytical ability, and decision-making prowess in various business scenarios. My leadership is recognized for building, retaining, motivating, and guiding high-performing teams to achieve organizational objectives. Notable accolades include the Medal of Employee Excellence from Abu Dhabi Police, Ministry of Interior UAE (April and December 2018). I am an active member of IEEE, IEEE Communications Society, UAE Road Safety Society, and currently an Ambassador of Cluster Digital Africa.

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