Urban Scapes Middle East Summit

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Tarek El Malatawy - Sr. Manager, Master Planning and Urban Development, Cities & Built Environment at Azizi speaks at Urbanscapes Middle East Summit


Tarek El Malatawy


Sr. Manager, Master Planning and Urban Development, Cities & Built Environment




Passionate about fostering vibrant and sustainable communities, Tarek is an Architect and accredited Urban Planner with a visionary approach to urban development. As a Licentiate member of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) UK, he brings inclusive insights and expertise to urban planning and built environments across the Middle East and GCC region.

With a portfolio spanning over 100 square kilometres of land developments, Tarek adopts planning strategies for new urban developments, re-imagining of urban districts, and master plans that prioritize inclusivity, accessibility, and the well-being of diverse communities while responding to economic, social, and technological challenges.

Driven by a reflective dedication to community enrichment, Tarek believes in the integral role of every aspect of a master plan in shaping a cohesive way of life. His passion for creating livable, human-centric cities propels his advocacy for Transit-Oriented Developments (TOD) and the promotion of the 15-minute city concept throughout his work.

He engages in visioning, planning, and pre-development phases, actively linking ideas through sketching, critique, and revisions. His skill in large-scale planning translates visionary ideas into sustainable, user-centric environments for mixed-use, residential, entertainment, special economic zones, and commercial developments

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